Parent Testimonials

“I just wanted to let you know that Morgan loves dance class. She gets very excited on Tuesdays when I tell her it is dance day and talks very fondly about her dance teacher.  Thank you for a great program.”
– M. Ackley

“I wanted to thank you so much for providing a wonderful program for my daughter.  She has been with Dancing Little Stars and has loved it for the past 2 years.  The recital was wonderful!  Best of everything.”
– J. Fae

“Wow!!!!!!!!!!! I just don’t know where to begin.  Words just can’t express my excitement about the Dancing Little Stars Recital on Saturday.  This past fall when Dancing Little Stars came to Childtime in Chester, I just didn’t know what to do about signing Conner up.  The first day of dance came and Conner asked if he could go to dance class.He tried it and LOVED it——and so…..I signed him up and am so glad I did.  I just wanted to take the time to thank you and Ms Kathie and all your teachers for the wonderful job you all do with these children and for all the hard work you put into this recital – you all deserve metals and standing ovations.  I enjoyed watching the whole performance, all of the children and all of the classes and I enjoyed watching the teachers coaching the children thru their dances.  Again I can’t express enough thanks to all of you for what you bring into these children’s lives.  I think dance teaches so much to the children, not only in team work, but in confidence, agility, a sense of pride, learning direction, as well as being a fun thing to do.  Dance has brought Conner out a little more and has had a big influence on him……….he loves it and I am so glad I enrolled him.  I look forward to dance starting again in the fall.”
– M. Cone

“I just wanted you to know how impressed I am with your dance class.  You are sweet, friendly and professional.  It is obvious to me that you really care about those kids.  I might add that you put on one heck of a show.  It shows that you take great care in choosing your instructors.  Jackie is a sweet, but shy kid.  Your class has done wonders for her self-esteem.  It also gave her something to really look forward to in school.  I am only sorry that she will be in Kindergarten next year and won’t be able to attend your class.  I think Dancing Little Stars is a huge success.  thank you for being who you are and for what you’ve done for Jackie.”
– N. Maloney

“Our experience with you company has been absolutely fantastic.  Bailey’s vocabulary, sensory and social skills have improved greatly and that is due to your exceptional, loving staff.  We have enjoyed participating in Dancing Little stars.  Having this supervised activity during the week helps working families enjoy the time they spend together on the weekends.”
– D. Machenberg

“Our family wants to thank you for the kindness you have shown Elizabeth; by giving her the gift of dancing.  The great joy she found in herself through her wonderful dance teacher, and the love and kindness you have shown her, has made her a happy little girl.”
– L. Brerowski

“Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have dance lessons at Kathryn’s preschool.  I was able to observe the last lesson, and you instructor is marvelous!  She involved the girls in learning new steps, answering questions, and playing games in the songs.  She is very patient and fun to watch.  Kathryn always looks forward to “dance day.”
– M. Clikeman

“Thanks for a wonderful 2 years.  Brooke has learned so much and she has really enjoyed dancing.  This is a great service you provide.”
– S. Gallion

“Just wanted to let you know how excited Ashley is about being able to start dance class again.  I think the program is great and that both you and your staff did a great job with the children last season, and the ending performance was outstanding.Keep up the great work you are doing and may God continue to bless each of you for all you do for the children.”
– C. Thompson

“I wanted to let you know how please I am with your program.  I enjoyed watching my normally shy daughter grow during last year’s dance classes.  At first she would not participate.  Ms crenshaw is an incredible teacher.  She patiently worked with Marina.  By recital time, Marina not only participated, but participated for the entire hour of dance class!  I nervously watched my daughter on stage at the recital and rehearsal.  I expected her to just stand there or cry.  But she performed the entire routine!  I was overjoyed and proud!  The skills she has learned in dance class have gone beyond memorizing a routine and have branched into other areas.  She is more secure and confident.  Thank you so much Heather for providing such a valuable opportunity.  You are blessed to have such dedicated staff.  We owe Marina’s teacher, Ms Crenshaw so much.  I am looking forward to dance class starting this fall.  Marina has asked about it all summer.”
– S. Langston

“I just wanted to write you a note to let you  know what a fabulous job you did with the dance recital.  It was well organized, every safety precaution was taken with the children, and the little girls were not stressed about it.  Great job!”
– J. McNeil (Director of The Copeland School)