Dress Rehearsal & Recital Schedule

Below is the Schedule for the 2017 Dancing Little Stars “Stars and the Sea” Dance Recital. Both the Rehearsal and Recital are on Saturday, May 27th at  The Pirate Theater at Matanzas High School. Your Dress Rehearsal time is located next to your school name. Your Recital time is located above each grouping of schools. At the end of your school name is listed what type of dance your child will be in.

Rehearsals/Photos Schedule Begins at 9:30 a.m. (specific times below)

Recital Time is 11:30 a.m. (check-In at 11:15 a.m.)

Dress Rehearsal Schedule Below:

9:30 a.m. Casa Montessori 4’s – TAP “Wipe Out”
9:35 a.m. Casa Montessori 3’s – TAP “Three Little Fishies”
9: 40 a.m.  Easter Seals – TAP “Hele Me No Lilo”
9:45 a.m. Little Engine Academy I (with Kid City USA) – BALLET “Angularity”
9:45 a.m. Kid City USA (with Little Engine Academy I) – BALLET “Angularity”
9:50 a.m.  Little Engine Academy II – TAP “Anchors Aweigh”
9:55 a.m. Tech Tots (with The Goddard School) – BALLET “Folding Chair”
9:55 a.m. The Goddard School (with Tech Tots) – BALLET “Folding Chair”
10:00 a.m. Yulee Baptist Learning Center (with Crosswater Christian Academy – BALLET “Peace Like a River”
10:00 a.m. Crosswater Christian Academy (with Yulee Baptist Learning Center) – BALLET “Peace Like a River”